City of San Diego – Spot-Free Rinse

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City of San Diego – Spot-Free Rinse


City of San Diego, California

Description of Business:

Regulation of citizens and businesses within the City of San Diego, CA

Case Partner:

NS Wash Systems


The City of San Diego trolley cars were cleaned using local water sources, which consisted of high levels of salts and calcium and magnesium carbonate. This type of washing would typically leave white spots and streaks on the trolley cars. Over time, the cars lost their bright and vibrant colors that had been worn away by the mineral buildup from the washing process.


The trolleys used by the City of San Diego were able to see vast improvements after a 30,000 gallon per day AXEON GT‐30000 Reverse Osmosis System was installed in partner with NS Wash Systems based in Inglewood, CA.

Reverse osmosis technology offers the benefits of producing spot free water while reducing chemical costs associated with vehicle washes such as prewash cleaners, degreasers, soaps and waxes.

AXEON GT-30000 RO System

Equipment Installed:

AXEON M1-12240 Reverse Osmosis System


The Results/Customer Benefits:

The use of the AXEON’s pre‐treatment equipment and reverse osmosis system as the final rinse allowed for the elimination of the final drying stage which typically used high powered fans which consumed large amounts of electricity. Now, the spot free water does not leave any white spots or streaks on the windows or bodywork, thus enhancing the color and look of the trolley cars.

AXEON Advantages:

AXEON is an innovative leader in the manufacturing of reverse osmosis systems, membranes, housings, chemicals and components. For over two decades, AXEON has manufactured all of its products in the U.S.A. and to the highest quality standards. Please contact AXEON to learn more about Reverse Osmosis Systems at 800-320-4074 or visit us online at


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