CDWA Program, Pakistan – Drinking Water

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Case Studies

CDWA Program, Pakistan – Drinking Water


CDWA Program, Pakistan

Description of Business:

Provide 175 AXEON DT-15000 units for installation, one in each union council of Pakistan.

Case Partner:


Situation / Problem:

Water is the basic necessity of life but Pakistan’s dilemma was that a major chunk of the country’s population is deprived of clean drinking water and the reports of WHO, National Council for Water Research and a number of other research organizations revealed that the water supplied to the citizens of many parts of the country is contaminated and not fit for human consumption. A survey conducted by PCRWR in 1994 showed that 81,996 cases of water related diseases were reported in the Rawalpindi Division alone.

According to United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), 20 to 40% of the beds are occupied in the hospitals of Pakistan by patients suffering from water related diseases. The situations lead to pressure on the Government’s health budget. It was a priority of the Government to provide clean drinking water to its people. Unfortunately, most of the water sources were contaminated and there were no proper mechanisms whereby poor people had access to clean drinking water (both biologically and chemically treated). The CDWA project’s main goal was to provide safe drinking water through water purification plants that would safeguard human health, including reduction in the mortality rate (associated with lack of access to safe drinking water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene) by improving the quality of drinking water.

AXEON DT-Series RO Systems


AXEON’s application engineer’s designed a system to treat up to 15,000 gallons per day (gpd) of unsafe water with contaminant levels up to 5000 total dissolved solids (tds). The system was designed for low energy consumption, standardized components and ease of serviceability, while providing the highest quality water.

Equipment Installed:

Customized AXEON DT-15000 Reverse Osmosis System

The Results / Customer Benefits:

The use of the AXEON Reverse Osmosis Systems in Pakistan have the ability to provide up to 2,625,000 gallons of clean drinking water a day.


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