Universal Studios – Entertainment

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Universal Studios – Entertainment


Universal Studios® Theme Park, Los Angeles, CA

Description of Business:

Entertainment – Amusement Park

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A popular family theme park attraction, Universal Studios was in need of purified water for cleaning the 3D glasses that guests used on many of the attractions. One park employee would be held responsible for cleaning hundreds of glasses during a shift by hand, many of which were left with streaks and spots due to the high TDS in the water being used.

Millions of visitors flock to the park on a yearly basis, so Universal Studios was in need of an advanced, yet simple water treatment solution for their rides.

AXEON DT-Series RO Systems


Universal Studios now uses reverse osmosis water during its attractions, so that any water that comes in contact with 3D glasses dries with no spots or streaking. To accomplish this, a AXEON DT‐20000 Reverse Osmosis System was installed and bought online.

Equipment Installed:

  • AXEON DT‐20000 Reverse Osmosis System


The Results/Customer Benefits:

The use of the AXEON Reverse Osmosis System at Universal Studios as a clean, purified water option for cleaning the 3D glasses and entertaining customers on the park rides allowed for tremendous savings on labor and maintenance which would typically be lost with hand cleaning

AXEON Advantages:

AXEON is an innovative leader in the manufacturing of reverse osmosis systems, membranes, housings, chemicals and components. For over two decades, AXEON has manufactured all of its products in the U.S.A. and to the highest quality standards. Please contact AXEON to learn more about Reverse Osmosis Systems at 800-320-4074 or visit us online at axeonwater.wpengine.com.


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