AXEON Professional Water Testing

Safe drinking water is important for everyone. Impurities such as minerals, dissolved solids, heavy metals or nitrates in water can cause an unusual taste or odor, and contaminants can affect otherwise healthy people.

To combat poor water quality, AXEON (in partnership with National Testing Laboratories) offers water quality testing.

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Private Labeling
and Packaging

Want to build and promote your own brand? Now you can! AXEON offers private labeling services to those who wish to have their own customized and private labeled products, which includes labeling and packaging. The initial setup and design process varies in length but provides customers with a uniquely branded look.

Competitive Rates on a Per Item Basis
Minimum Order Quantities May Apply

Custom Design
and Engineering

Need a custom solution for your business or next project? AXEON Application Engineers work diligently with customers to provide application analysis and product identification. This information is then escalated to AXEON’s Design Engineers who then take the information and begin to design a customized solution, while integrating various technologies and components.

AXEON utilizes best-in-class design and engineering techniques to provide a comprehensive and quality solution that performs as engineered and meets each customer’s specific criteria. Solutions can include pre-treatment systems, membrane filtration systems, post treatment systems, disinfection and sterilization systems, as well as components, such as membranes, filters and housings.

Competitive Hourly Service Rates Apply

Contract / OEM Manufacturing

AXEON deploys the latest water filtration and treatment technologies with its wide variety of products. This is backed by highly efficient manufacturing methods and know-how for cellular and inline manufacturing. Its in-depth processes and thorough documentation system make AXEON an ideal partner for the manufacturing and production of water filtration and treatment systems, as well as high-quality and performance components.

Whether a customer is looking for a standardized manufacturing process, a dependable supplier and partner for their business or a vendor who can help assist in lower costs and formulating a solution that allows them to realize their goals, AXEON is the partner of choice.

AXEON’s dedication to providing best-in-class products comes from its over 30 years of manufacturing, distribution, sourcing, qualification, and marketing experience. Its systematic process improvement and quality control processes employ a devoted customer feedback loop to ensure that system requirements are always met.

Competitive Rates on a Per Item Basis
Minimum Order Quantities May Apply

Training and

AXEON provides in-house and factory training to customers who would like to have AXEON’s expertise in the field of water filtration and treatment. The curriculum, created by AXEON, covers a myriad of topics for various levels of students. Coverage areas include, technical, engineering, marketing and sales. Curriculum length depends on module topics.

Customers can expect hands-on experience during a factory or in-house training session and AXEON’s technical engineers will guide students through system start-up and troubleshooting, maintenance and typical sales approaches.


AXEON provides complimentary technical support to its direct customers and for the products it offers. Please review the AXEON Technical Support Policy for more details.

Additional technical support services are available such as troubleshooting, system start-up, maintenance or shut down. This is available to non-customers for an additional charge.

As an additional technical support service, AXEON may send engineers to an on-site location where they can provide start-up support, maintenance and operational advice.

The technical support team is available to assist customers with any troubleshooting and support they may need with their reverse osmosis system.

Marketing Support

AXEON wants you to succeed. That’s why our professionally designed marketing materials are made available for you to download and brand for inclusion in your own proposals and marketing initiatives. From specification sheets to catalogs and high-resolution images, AXEON has all the necessary documents to help you successfully market your water-treatment business and the AXEON line of products.

The Numbers Show Results

Selecting the right product for a project can be challenging. AXEON has a team of experienced engineers and customer service representatives, ready to assist you and answer all of your questions. The growing global network of customers is a direct result of AXEON’s commitment to offer best in class customer service.


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