San Diego Zoo Safari Park® – Misting

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San Diego Zoo Safari Park® – Misting

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During the summer months when temperatures reach into the triple digits, guests at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in San Diego, CA were experiencing symptoms of heat exhaustion while walking around the more than 1,800 acres of land and waiting in line for the popular safari attractions.


To help visitors cool down during the sweltering summer days, officials at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park approved the installation of numerous misting systems located around areas where customers walk the most. AXEON CT-7000 Reverse Osmosis Systems were installed in conjunction with MicroCool, whom manufactures fogging systems. This combination allowed the park to supply guests with clean, purified mist at different pressures throughout the day.

AXEON CT-7000 RO System

Equipment Installed:

AXEON CT-7000 Reverse Osmosis System

The Results/Customer Benefits:

– After installing the new misting systems, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park experienced increased customer traffic by 25 percent on particular attractions, especially during the summer months. The misting systems used in the park helped customers stay cool as they traveled around the park.

– With the installation of the 7,000 gallon per day RO system along with the MicroCool misters, employees are not only able to enjoy a brief cool down on warm days, but also less maintenance hours on the misting systems due to the lower TDS water being fed into them, that prevents typical mineral buildup and eventual blockage of the misting system.

AXEON Advantages:

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