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Product Description

XWS – SERIES PACKAGED WATER SYSTEMS offer a full solution from pretreatment, reverse osmosis system, to post treatment. These industrial systems come fully plumbed and assembled on a modular skid for ease of installation and reduces on–site installation time. XWS - PACKAGED WATER SYSTEMS offer solutions ideal for any industrial application, including steam power generation, off-shore drilling, or manufacturing plants. With multiple configurations, AXEON RWS – SERIES PACKAGED WATER SYSTEMS can include pretreatment options such as, GAC, Zeolite multimedia filtration, Filox iron reduction, and UV Disinfection. XWS – SERIES SYSTEM options are based upon the X – Series product line, containing 8” x 40” membranes tailored to your application and quality needs. Post treatment options include UV disinfection, post GAC, and Electrodeionization (EDI). All systems are manufactured on our white powder coated modular skids for corrosion resistance and feature the necessary treatment to ensure long membrane life span and system dependability. With a wide range of options and accessories, XWS - SERIES PACKAGED WATER SYSTEMS can be configured to meet many of today’s industrial purification demands.

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