SOLO-Series Residential Reverse Osmosis System

SOLO I Reverse Osmosis System utilizes an advanced membrane technology and features an integrated four stage filtration process, consisting of a pre-filter, sintered carbon block, RO membrane and inline post carbon. SOLO I Reverse Osmosis System houses three of the four cartridges inside a single housing, making servicing fast and simple. The fourth stage can either consist of an inline post carbon or an optional remineralization cartridge that will naturally balance your water's pH level. SOLO I System includes a 3.2 - gallon pressurized white metal storage tank, long reach faucet, tubing, and all the necessary fittings and hardware for a quick and easy installation. SOLO I Reverse Osmosis System saves time and money on service calls and replacement cartridges. Systems incorporate .375" tubing for faucet connections and ensure a higher flow rate from the faucet. They also include a moisture sensor that is installed inline to the system and will interrupt the feed water supply if any moisture is ever detected.

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Stage 1 – 5 Micron Polypropylene Pre-Filter

Stage 2 – Sintered Carbon Block Cartridge

Stage 3 – 50 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Stage 4 – Inline Post Carbon