N – Series Reverse Osmosis Systems

N - Series Reverse Osmosis Systems are the newest line of systems from AXEON. These free-standing commercial units are designed for simple turnkey operation and range in flow capacities from 2,000 - 16,000 gallons per day. They are designed for high efficiencies, up to 65% product-to-waste recovery ratio and maximum energy savings by utilizing AXEON HE - 4040 100 psi extra low energy RO membranes. N - Series Reverse Osmosis Systems are specifically designed for customers looking to stock complete systems that are ready for distribution. Each system can be customized with a color coded cover and decal of your choice. N - Series Reverse Osmosis Systems are fully featured with high quality construction, and offer dependable performance, all at a price that will keep you competitive.

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  • AXEON RO Controller – UL 508a
  • AXEON Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • AXEON HE – Series RO Membranes
  • AXEON Fiberglass Membrane Housings
  • AXEON Chemical Pump Outlet
  • AXEON Composite Solenoid Valve
  • AXEON Pressure Gauges
  • AXEON Flow Meters w/ Integrated Valve
  • AXEON Filtration
  • Grundfos® Pump