C – 20 Series Membrane Cleaner

AXEON C – 20 Series Membrane Cleaner is a high pH powdered cleaner that gently and effectively removes organic and other acid insoluble foulants from the surface of the membrane. Used in a program that includes an acidic cleaner for scale and metal hydroxide removal, AXEON C – 20 Series Membrane Cleaner provides excellent foulant removal resulting in longer system run times and increased membrane life expectancy.

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206719 4 10.5 – 11.0 White Powder
206720 25 10.5 – 11.0 White Powder
206721 45 10.5 – 11.0 White Powder
Appearance: White Powder
pH (1% in water): 10.5 – 11.0
Powder: 4 Pounds, 25 Pounds, 45 Pounds

1. Inspect all cleaning system components to include CIP tank, hoses and cartridge filters. Flush or replace if necessary. Fill cleaning tank with reverse osmosis permeate or Dl water. Turn on agitator or tank recirculation pump.

2. Slowly add C – 20 to cleaning tank (1 pound [0.45 kg] of C – 20 for every 12 gal [45 L] of water) and mix thoroughly. The solution pH should match product specification. The solution should be heated up to 45°C to improve cleaning efficacy.

3. Circulate solution in the same direction as the feed flow. Typical circulation times are 30 – 90 minutes.† Maximum flow rate per pressure vessel is 40 gpm (152 lpm) for 8 – inch elements and 10 gpm (38 lpm) for 4 – inch elements. Maximum pressure for cleaning is 60 psi (4.2 kg / cm2).

4. In cases of heavy fouling, divert the first 10 – 20% of cleaning solution to drain to prevent re deposition of removed solids.

5. Rinse with reverse osmosis permeate before returning system to service. When returning unit to service, divert product water to drain until any residual cleaning solution has been rinsed from system.