Membrane Cleaning Systems

AXEON Clean-In-Place Systems for Membranes and Membrane Systems

Cleaning out the interior surfaces of pipes, membranes, and other inner workings of industrial equipment used to involve disassembling the equipment and manually cleaning it. This process was arduous and time-consuming. Fortunately, AXEON Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems now do the dirty work by cleaning equipment with an automated process that includes no disassembly.

AXEON CIP systems are typically mobile skids that connect to a commercial or industrial reverse osmosis membrane system. They utilize a centrifugal pump and a solution tank as well as other features to clean the internal functions of the equipment, making use of elevated temperatures at times. This is a huge time and money saver as compared to older methods.

Using Clean-In-Place skids to clean reverse osmosis (RO) water filtration membranes can achieve a similar time and cost savings for industrial equipment. CIP Systems allow for a thorough cleaning of the RO system membranes while they are still contained within the RO system housings.

RO system membranes can, over time, suffer from a buildup of impurities, such as scale. This can lead to membrane fouling and reducing the quality of the water produced by the system. Regularly cleaning of a RO system with a CIP System is highly recommended and is part of a complete maintenance program.

For the cleaning of commercial and industrial membrane-based systems and conducting preventative maintenance for optimal performance
Utilizing Clean-In-Place Systems for Maintaining your Water Treatment Equipment and Membranes

AXEON Clean-In-Place Membrane Systems are designed to easily integrate with AXEON X-Series and M-Series RO systems. If you have a different system, it is not a problem. AXEON CIP Systems are designed to be compatible with most membrane systems from various manufacturers.

AXEON CIP systems will vary based on the model of your RO system. However, they all use the same basic technology. Set the system based on the manufacturer specifications for recirculation flow and pressure, and the centrifugal pump will initiate the process. You can also mix cleaning agents prior to use due to the built-in recycle loop. The CIP Systems can also feature an optional immersion heater, pH monitor, installation kit, and caster wheels. With AXEON CIP Systems, you can clean your RO membranes without all the hassle of removing them, thus protecting your water quality with minimal effort.