Electrodeionization Systems

AXEON Electrodeionization Ultrapure Water Systems

AXEON manufactures standard and custom electrodeionization (EDI) systems for commercial and industrial applications. Our products are primarily used in power generation, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, medical, and laboratory industries.

AXEON EDI High Purity Water Systems and pure water high-technology products have fundamental advantages and differences from other EDI modules in the market. Unique design features include our Thin-Cell, Thin-Concentrate, Non-Filled Concentrate and Non-fouling Electrode Technologies. AXEON EDI systems range in capacities from .25 gpm to 44 gpm (60 l/hr to 10 m3/hr) and with multiple unit arrays up to 3000 gpm (700 m3/hr). Our EDI modules are high-quality, compact, durable and feature a long-lifetime patented design.

AXEON EDI-Series Electrodeionization are for high purity water applications and feature a modular space saving design and production rates up to 7 GPM (26.5 LPM)
What is Electrodeionization and How Does it Work?

EDI is a continuous membrane deionization process in which a DC electric field is used to remove ions and polar species from an aqueous stream. EDI is used with reverse osmosis (RO) to replace ion exchange resin mixed beds (MBDI), which require onsite or offsite chemical regeneration.

Electrodeionization (EDI) uses no chemicals, and generates no hazardous waste. It enables a simpler system (with no concentrate recirculation) and produces ultrapure water (up to 18.2 megohm). EDI also eliminates regeneration chemicals and hazardous waste while offering high recoveries up to 99%. Contact an AXEON applications engineer to discuss the benefits of electrodeionization for your next high purity water application.