Containerized and Mobile Water Systems

AXEON Containerized and Mobile (CMS) Commercial & Industrial Water Systems

AXEON offers a full line of decentralized water treatment solutions, from its robust line of containerized and mobile packaged plants, to the latest in wastewater and reuse solutions.

AXEON is a global leader in decentralized water and wastewater treatment solutions for the municipal, industrial, and commercial markets, with decades of experience in developing and implementing state-of-the-art decentralized water treatment solutions using the most innovative and cost-efficient technologies for customers across the globe.

AXEON has expanded its offering of mobile water treatment solutions in response to an increasing demand from customers around the world. Containerized and Mobile Water Treatment Systems provide a comprehensive multi-level water purification and wastewater treatment for a multitude of applications.

Modular system designs accommodate a wide variety of feed sources, including brackish water, surface water, seawater, reuse water and wastewater. Containerized and Mobile Water Systems can be operated in the most rugged environments and be deployed, as well as installed quickly to seamlessly provide large quantities of water on-demand.

These solutions are ideal for fast response, emergency situations, supplemental, or temporary requirements. They are often used to assist industrial customers during plant start up, piloting and maintenance outages or when a plant’s water treatment system is unavailable or cannot meet the water production requirements.

AXEON’s water and wastewater treatment systems are built on a modular platform, which allows for flexibility and timeliness in meeting customer needs. AXEON’s Containerized and Mobile Water Solutions offer a highly flexible approach that helps customers improve overall efficiencies, minimizes capital investment costs and reduces energy costs and energy consumption with a system designed to meet specific requirements. This flexibility also extends to a variety of financial options with sales, rental, leasing and ongoing maintenance programs for a faster return on investment.

Why are AXEON CMS products and solutions so popular amongst municipal, industrial, and commercial customers from around the globe?

Packaged water plants for municipal, industrial and commercial applications that are housed in industrial 20 or 40 foot containers for the treatment of brackish and seawater applications
Advantages of Modularity, Mobility and Turn-Key Solutions

The modular CMS “train” designs of AXEON’s potable water treatment systems allow for additional treatment units to be added or removed from a system quickly and efficiently, as well as to meet actual requirements. The ability to scale a system up and down provides flexibility and cost efficiencies.

Superior Quality
AXEON CMS modular water treatment systems are factory-built in ideal conditions by our experienced production teams. Every portable water treatment system undergoes our rigorous quality assurance process, including comprehensive hydraulic, electrical and controls testing prior to leaving our facility.

Go-Anywhere Portability
ISO shipping containers are the building blocks of many AXEON CMS portable water and wastewater treatment systems. These rugged enclosures protect our advanced water treatment equipment from the elements and simplify transportation. By land and sea – even seasonal ice roads in the far North – our modular systems can go virtually anywhere.

Fast Turnaround
Responsiveness to our clients’ needs is something that sets AXEON apart. By engineering and pre-building “universal” components of our systems, we can focus on the site-specific elements of our modular treatment solutions and compress delivery times.

Minimal Site Work
On-site construction is costly and vulnerable to delays. In remote areas, work crew availability and logistics are significant challenges. AXEON eliminates those concerns. Our modular solutions arrive pre-wired, pre-plumbed and pre-tested for a quick set-up and operation in just days.

AXEON’s modular solutions do not leave assets in the ground. Our packaged water treatment plants are portable so they can be easily relocated. At the conclusion of a project, or when capacity requirements warrant, the full system or treatment modules can be redeployed to other sites.

AXEON CMS Solutions utilize varying water treatment technologies depending on the customer’s feedwater conditions, desired application and final product water quality requirements. Pretreatment including clarification, multimedia filtration, carbon filtration and softening is used to prepare feedwater for further use. In some cases, antiscalants and chemicals may be used to address specific feedwater conditions and operational circumstances.

The standard mobile offering includes reverse osmosis, which provides an advanced level of filtration and is an effective barrier to salts, microcontaminants and organic substances, making it ideal for applications where high-purity water is needed. AXEON also offers deionization solutions, which help reduce total dissolved solids (TDS) from water and produce high quality ohm water for specialized applications. Additional systems and designs can be provided for ultrafiltration, microfiltration, ultraviolet sterilization, and more.