Custom and Private Labeled Membranes

Private Labeled Membranes

AXEON works with OEM’s in designing and engineering custom membranes, as well as private labeling. This can help customers in several ways, such as gaining repeat business and lowering manufacturing costs.

AXEON Private Labeled Membrane benefits include:

  • Brand loyalty – Branding an AXEON membrane as your own allows you and your customer’s complete control over the messaging and the image that goes out into the market. You create your own brand identity, and by doing so, this promotes stronger customer recognition and loyalty to your company.
  • Complete control – By distributing private label membranes from AXEON, you have more control over the product in the market, including marketing, pricing and sales within your distribution channels. AXEON provides the marketing and sales tools to support and help you streamline your sales and begin growing your product line.
  • Custom manufactured – AXEON’s engineering and design teams are capable of working with you and your team in designing the ideal membrane to fit your current offering. From there, AXEON’s marketing team will work with you in designing everything from packaging to labeling, ensuring your brand is represented from the inside out. This allows you to have a product designed to your exact specifications and branded with your product name, logo, packaging and contact information.
  • Exclusivity – The membrane designed specifically for you is only available from AXEON, you won’t find your membrane sold online or from a competitor at a lower price.

AXEON manufactures all of our membranes at our manufacturing facility located in Temecula, CA, while using the industry’s leading thin-film technology to manufacture dependable, high quality membranes that will keep your customer’s operations running smoothly. Membranes are available in all industry standard sizes, and are 100% performance and quality tested before being shipped to you, or any of your locations.

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