Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Membranes

High TDS RO Membranes for Brackish Water

AXEON manufactures commercial and industrial size membrane elements for brackish feed water types. These are typically found to be rated at 2,000 parts per million of total dissolved solids or higher. These membranes are fiberglass reinforced wrapped, so they are more resistant to higher operating pressures. AXEON offers 2.5", 4.0" and 8.0" diameter membrane sizes in order to meet the needs of various applications such as process applications where achieving a higher salt rejection is more important in comparison to the production rate.

Through continued innovation in membrane technology, membrane companies have compromised and gotten closer to offering a wider selection of membrane performance characteristics. There are different types of membranes used to treat tap water, brackish water, seawater and wastewater.

Regardless of the specific type of membrane, the performance of a membrane is specified and compared based on its rate of water production (permeability) and the percent of total salts it retains (rejection). In theory, the ideal membrane performance is the highest water production rate with the highest salt rejection at the lowest feed pump pressure (i.e. low operating cost.) However, in practice, to achieve the highest water production rate comes at the expense of achieving the highest salt rejection.

Operating at 100 psi this series requires extra low energy to operate and provides a nominal 99.2% salt rejection
Operating at 150 psi this series requires low energy to operate and provides a nominal 99.3% salt rejection
Operating at 225 psi this series provides a nominal 99.7% salt rejection