AXEON offers a full line of membrane chemicals that are specially formulated to minimize the harmful effects of foulants, maximize the efficiency of reverse osmosis and nanofiltration systems, and extend the performance of the membrane elements. Antiscalants are typically formulated for feedwaters with high levels of metal oxides, silica, and scale-forming minerals. They can work with up to 150 grains of hardness and possibly higher, keeping the membrane system running smoothly and lowering the chance of fouling. Antifoulants are an anticoagulant and antifoulant for treating feedwaters with high potentials for fouling by silt, organics, colloids and fine particulates. Membrane cleaners are formulated to remove mineral scale and metal oxides such as iron, while others remove organic materials and biological debris, both ideal for prolonging the life of the membranes. To learn more about your water chemistry and dosing rates, please contact an AXEON team member.

If you’re looking for individual components, AXEON offers everything from Membrane Elements and Housings, Filter Cartridges and Housings to Chemicals.

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