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Residential or home water treatment, the residential market segment of the Water Treatment industry mainly consists of point-of-use (POU) systems and point-of-entry (POE) systems. POU systems are usually a single stage prior to use and can be found as drinking water systems, reverse osmosis systems, filtration systems, faucet and shower head filters, etc. POE systems and solutions are normally installed on the incoming feed water line of a home or building and treat all of the water coming into the structure. These types of systems can consist of water softeners, carbon filters, water conditioners, whole house reverse osmosis systems, ultraviolet sterilizers and many more. Residential water treatment is one of the largest and fastest growing market segments in the world, as more consumers learn about the importance of treating their water sources.

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The commercial market segment of the Water Treatment Industry can be referred to as a market or application that requires a commercial-grade or heavy-duty designed equipment, in order to withstand the elements, it will be exposed to and contaminants it will process. Typically, applications will vary widely and require an assortment of different technologies, systems and equipment in order to effectively treat and remove any harmful contaminants and improve water quality. Filtration, water softening and reverse osmosis are widely used technologies and solutions to many of the most common water issues in the marketplace. These technologies, as well as others have the ability to remove almost all impurities and to effectively treat water, while at a reasonable investment and operating cost. This segment of the market will continue to grow and more opportunities will arise due to the abundance of applications and uses for water in our communities.

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The Industrial market segment of the Water Treatment Industry is commonly referenced in accordance with a particular industry, such as oil and gas or military and defense, as well as many others. Industrial touches many industries and normally provides water purification solutions for the production of other products, as they normally consist of higher capacity rates and heavy-duty designed and constructed components and equipment. Industrial water solutions are key to the success of many businesses, campuses and facilities. Increased environmental concerns stemming from pollution, over population, rising healthcare costs, economic and social issues are all effective drivers to the industrial segment of the water treatment industry.

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