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AXEON HF65 Membrane

AXEON HF65 Membrane

“Rapid industrialization and rise in infrastructure development lead to water pollution, which in turn are expected to boost the growth of the global reverse osmosis membrane market,” according to a November 2018 report by Allied Market Research. However, the high cost of investment and maintenance hampers market growth.

Next Generation Reverse Osmosis Membranes

AXEON HF65: Featuring HyperFlux Membrane Technology

In response to growing demand, AXEON Water Technologies has developed a next generation Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane called HF65. The HF65 Membranes feature AXEON’s innovative HyperFlux™ membrane technology, which is capable of operating at 65 psi — the lowest pressure in the industry — and still producing 2400 gpd and 98% rejection in a 4” x 40” configuration.

The super high flux (HYPERFLUX) surpasses all previous RO membrane technology while still maintaining excellent salt rejection. The HF65 membrane is capable of operating without a pump and producing similar productivity to current RO membranes in the market.

  • Active Membrane Area: 98 ft2
  • Operating Pressure: 65 PSI
  • Permeate Flow: 2400 GPD
  • Salt Rejection: 98.2%

These encapsulated HF65 Membranes do not require a pressure vessel, pump or fittings, they deliver significant energy, capital cost and space savings without compromising on performance. Quick and easy to install, the HF65 Membranes are set to lower maintenance costs too. Since they operate at line pressures (i.e. low pressures), it reduces the risk of leakage or over pressurization.

They are designed to operate at higher % recoveries, but actual operation will vary case by case.

For best results and to ensure the longevity of membrane, it is recommended to operate the HF65 at 65 psi or set product flow rates to achieve 2000 – 2500 gpd. Operating the membrane at 90 psi or more may cause it to foul quickly, thereby shortening the life of the membrane.

Enjoy the benefits of next generation RO Membrane Technology with HF65 Membranes featuring HyperFlux, offering savings without compromising on performance.

Download the brochure to learn more.

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