AXEON Announces Next Generation Reverse Osmosis Membranes Utilizing HyperFlux™ Technology

on April 17,2019 | By AXEON Water Technologies | Press Releases

In response to growing demand, AXEON Water Technologies has developed a next generation Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane branded as the HF65-Series and featuring the company’s innovative HyperFlux™ membrane technology. The largest membrane in the series (4” x 40”) is capable of operating at only 65 psi, the lowest pressure in the industry and producing 2,400 gallons per day (gpd) with a nominal salt rejection of 98.2%. Virtually a “pumpless” RO membrane that can operate on standard feed pressure found in many areas around the world.

“The global reverse osmosis membrane market is booming,” commented Augustin Pavel, AXEON CEO, “However, growth has been hampered by the high cost of investment and maintenance in some developing regions. Our new super high fluxing or flowing (HyperFlux™) membrane technology has been designed to meet this need and help reduce costs associated to the manufacturing and servicing of reverse osmosis systems.”

AXEON HF65 Reverse Osmosis Membranes are capable of operating without a pump and still maintain similar production rates found with current RO membranes in the market. The encapsulated HF65 membranes do not require a pressure vessel, pump and fittings, resulting in significant energy, capital costs and space savings without compromising on performance.

Offering quick and easy installation, the company anticipates it will be popular amongst manufacturing assembly teams and dealers in the field due to its quick and easy functionality and design. The company will also work with major OEM’s and brands within the industry to develop custom sized and private labeled modules with and without the encapsulation.

For best results and to ensure the longevity of the membrane, the company recommends operating it at 65 psi, or setting the product flow rate to achieve 2000 – 2500 gpd. In areas where feed water is colder, the HF65 RO Membranes will allow the operator to increase the pressure adequately to compensate for loss in flow due to the colder temperature. In addition, the membrane can achieve higher efficiency and recovery rates when being design and operated properly.

AXEON Water Technologies is unveiling its groundbreaking technology as well as its new brand identity at WQA, Las Vegas, taking place from April 24-25th 2019.

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