CRO – Series

AXEON CRO – Series Reverse Osmosis System utilizes reverse osmosis technology and features a four stage pre–filter, membrane and post–filter design that is housed inside a single cartridge. A fifth stage post–polishing inline carbon filter is installed between the tank and faucet for even better tasting water.

The system includes a two–gallon white storage tank, faucet, tubing and quick connect fittings for a fast and easy installation. 



  • Superior Product to Waste Ratio
  • Can Reduce Water Waste by 50%, More Water to the Tank and Less Water to the Drain
  • High Flow Membrane Ensures Faster Tank Refilling
  • Small Footprint for Easy Installation



  • Large Diameter Tubing For Faster Flow Rate
  • Pre-Plumbed Feed and Drain Lines
  • 4 - Stage Cartidge
  • Granular Activate Carbon Post-Filter