LP – Series

FLEXEON LP – Series Reverse Osmosis Systems are engineered in response to the need within the light commercial market for a system without a pump. The LP – Series systems provide a cost–effective solution for customers and are easy to install and maintain. These systems are designed to be wall mounted, and feature a 5–Micron Sediment and 10–Micron Carbon Pre–Filters, AXEON by Pentek® Slim Line Cartridge Housings and AXEON 500GPD membranes and membrane housings.

FLEXEON LP – Series Reverse Osmosis Systems are available in models ranging from 350 to 700 gallons per day (GPD), at a line pressure of 70 psi (LP – 350 and LP – 700). The LP – 500 model is also available with a pump to deliver 500 GPD.

The models can also be upgraded with a cover that includes AXEON pressure gauges and a dual TDS meter.