M1 – Series

AXEON M1 – Series Reverse Osmosis Systems are designed for overall superior performance, high recovery rates, minimal energy consumption and offer great savings with low maintenance and low operation costs.

The M1 – Series Reverse Osmosis Systems range in capacities from 12,000 to 36,000 gallons per day. To achieve higher recovery rates, each base model includes a concentrate recycle loop. These systems can be upgraded with features such as a variable frequency drive, digital instrumentation, a chemical feed system, blending valve and a permeate divert valve.


  • Fully Equipped and Customizable
  • Components Easily Accessible
  • Pre-Plumbed, Wired and Assembled
  • Low Operation and Maintenance Costs
  • Easy Maintenance and Servicing
  • 20% Less Energy than Standard Membranes



  • S - 150 or S - 200 Computer Controller
  • AXEON Permeate and Concentrate Flow Meters
  • AXEON Concentrate Recycle Valve
  • AXEON HF5 - Series Ultra Low Energy Membrane Elements
  • AXEON FRP - Series Membrane Housings - 300 psi