X2 – Series

AXEON X2 – Series Reverse Osmosis Systems are engineered to treat demanding feedwater conditions like low temperature or a high content of dissolved solids. Designed for robust applications requiring a high pressure pump (up to 400 psi), the X2 – Series Reverse Osmosis Systems are ideally suited for brackish water.

X2 – Series models range in capacity from 21 to 126 gallons per minute (30,240 to 1801,440 gallons per day). Using high efficiency 8 – inch reverse osmosis elements with 10% greater membrane surface area, AXEON X2 – Series Systems are able to significantly reduce the TDS in both municipal and well water sources while producing higher volumes of permeate. Low energy brackish water membranes are available for cold temperature applications and high rejection brackish water membranes are available for high TDS applications.      

The AXEON X2 – Series Systems feature a pre–programmed computer controller, motorized feed valve, TDS probes and panel–mounted pressure and flow instrumentation. The larger models include digital flow indicators and VFD motor control. Stainless steel components are used for the vertical multistage pump, cartridge filter housing, high pressure piping and valves, and the ports of the FRP housings.