X1 – Series

AXEON X1 – Series Reverse Osmosis Systems are designed as a cost–effective solution to the growing demand of tap and well water for applications in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, healthcare, microelectronics, power, chemicals and agriculture.

With models ranging from 22 to 132 gallons per minute (32,000 to 190,000 gallons per day), the smart, clean utilitarian industrial design of the X1 – Series allows for convenient installation, user–friendly operation and ease of maintenance. These skid–mounted, package systems are pre–plumbed and pre–wired on a powder–coated steel frame complete with a pre–programmed computer controller, TDS probes and panel–mounted pressure gauges and flow instrumentation, allowing for straight forward system monitoring and control. The X1 – Series utilize energy–efficient ultra low energy membranes with 10% greater membrane surface area than standard 8–inch reverse osmosis elements, thus producing more pure water.   



  • Smart, Clean Utilitarian Industrial Design
  • User-Friendly Operation
  • Pre-Plumbed and Pre-Wired
  • Energy-Efficient Ultra Low Enery Membranes



  • 8 - Inch Low Energy Membrane Elements
  • 8 - Inch Fiberglass Membrane Housings with Stainless Steel Side Ports (300 psi)
  • Multi - Cartridge 304L Stainless Steel Cartridge Housing
  • S - 150 Pre - Programmed Computer Controller