CIP – Series

AXEON Clean–In–Place Systems (CIP) are mobile skids used for cleaning membranes without removing them from the reverse osmosis system. The CIP systems are designed to be easily integrated with any of the AXEON X – Series or M – Series reverse osmosis models. However, these CIP systems are also engineered as standalone systems that are compatible with any manufacturer's membrane system
AXEON Clean–In–Place Systems vary in size according to the number of membrane vessels that are to be cleaned in paralle, which is determined by the number of vessels in the first stage of the reverse osmosis skid. A centrifugal pump provides the recirculation flow and pressure recommended by the membrane manufacturer. built–in  recycle loop allows for mixing of cleaning agents prior to use and tank level switches to protect the pump. Options include an immersion heater, a pH monitor, installation kit and caster wheels.
AXEON also offers the C – Series Membrane Cleaners for use with AXEON Clean–In–Place systems. The C – Series Cleaners are compatible with all brands of reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration membranes.