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Welcome to AXEON University, your premier water treatment resource. We are excited to provide our customers with essential resources to aid in the success of their business. In addition to the resources below, our customer Resource Portal provides easy access to your account details, account and sales documents, and customizable marketing materials. If you are not a current customer, please feel free to download our New Account Application to apply for an account with AXEON Water Technologies.

AXEON Training Courses


Markets & Solutions

We understand how busy water treatment professionals can be, which is why we offer a variety of courses online and in classroom settings for your convenience.   AXEON continues to expand into new industries, fueling efforts to reuse and conserve water and find new ways to implement water resources into new business opportunities for our customers.

Case Studies


Business Articles

AXEON supplies products via our distribution network and ultimately to popular name brands such as Ford Motor Company, Disneyland, Yahoo, NASA, Starbucks, Tyson and others. Read about how AXEON has supported businesses in other markets.   Your success is our success, which is why we make every effort to extend our business expertise to further your business knowledge.

Water Treatment Technologies


Technical Articles

Learn about various water treatment technologies, including reverse osmosis, media filtration, ion exchange, ultraviolet disinfection, ozone generation, and distillation.   View AXEON’s white papers to gain a more in-depth understanding of various water treatment products AXEON offers and how they can help your business.

Water Problems



Have a specific contaminant in your water? Reference this guide to learn about the associated problems and solutions for common water pollutants.   Visit AXEON’s Youtube channel for useful information in the water treatment industry and to learn about AXEON’s operations.

AXEON Water Technologies provides a wide range of solutions for commercial and industrial applications, as well as residential applications which include point-of-use and point-of-entry.

Our products and systems are used around the globe in a variety of markets. We specialize in designing and manufacturing membrane water treatment systems for a full spectrum of applications, including custom and specialty.

Our expertise in membrane technology, including reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration has defined our successful track record and enables us to support the success of each of our customers.

We also offer a secure Resource Portal that can only be accessed by AXEON customers who have an account with us and are registered to access this section of our website. If you are an existing customer, please feel free to request your login and password. Your login and password will be sent to you shortly. If you are not yet a customer, please feel free to browse AXEON University and download our New Account Application to apply for an account with us.

Upon gaining access to the Resource Portal, you will be able to view, download and customize valuable information 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We welcome your feedback, so please contact us with any suggestions that you may have for the creation of new materials that may assist you in selling or supporting our products.

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