A Leading Global Reverse Osmosis and Filtration Solutions Manufacturer for More Than 26 Years

AXEON Water Technologies assists customers in solving the most challenging water quality issues and providing water treatment solutions that primarily utilize membrane filtration technology. Our vast knowledge of other water treatment technologies such as reverse osmosis systems, ion exchange, media filtration, cartridge filtration, disinfection, pumps and flow controls span throughout our organization, where we strive to help customers reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies, meet environmental regulations and prepare for the water quality demands that their applications require.

For more than 26 years, AXEON Water Technologies has led the way in membrane technology as a manufacturer of pre-engineered residential, commercial and industrial reverse osmosis systems, brackish water reverse osmosis systems, sea water reverse osmosis systems, double pass reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membrane systems. AXEON’s membrane systems are offered in standard models that can also be customized by one of AXEON’s Technical Engineers, to fit any water quality and application.We help you create the most suitable RO systems.

AXEON offers an assortment of reverse osmosis membranes and RO membrane housings in all standard sizes that can be private labeled or customized for any reverse osmosis machine. AXEON specializes in the manufacturing of commercial, residential, and specialty-sized ro membranes and nanofiltration membranes. AXEON membranes range from low energy, extra low energy, ultra low energy, high rejection, and nanofiltration and utilize the industry’s best ro membrane film technology. AXEON utilizes its own proprietary technology to manufacture the HF5-Series Ultra Low Energy Membranes, which are the only commercial ro membranes on the market that operate at a pressure of only 80 psi. This proprietary technology is now being used for an assortment of RO membranes, thus bringing uniqueness and high performance to our customers, which they can depend on. AXEON’s blend of RO membrane chemicals work with any brand of RO membrane and provide the protection elements need for an extended life span. AXEON's vast network of distributors and original equipment manufacturers from around the world allow for increased knowledge and distribution so the best water treatment solutions are available to you.

AXEON now also manufactures water purification and water treatment systems and components such as ultra pure water systems, sea water desalination systems, water makers, spot free rinse systems, ultrafiltration systems, chemical injection systems and ultraviolet systems. AXEON’s U.S.A. Corporate Headquarters houses its support, research, manufacturing, and engineering facilities which are located in Temecula, CA. AXEON provides a large network of distributors worldwide with high quality membrane and filtration products and solutions. AXEON can assist customers whom specialize in residential, light commercial, commercial and industrial applications such as drinking water, food and beverage, food service, hospitality, healthcare, facilities, manufacturing, cleaning and more. Let AXEON help you on your next project and Know Higher Standards - give us a call at 800-320-4074.