The Role of Reverse Osmosis Membranes in Efficient Wastewater Treatment

Reverse osmosis (RO) is the process of separation of molecules from water using a semi-permeable membrane. This technology is used in various desalination industries today to produce clean, potable water through an effective reverse osmosis membrane and leave behind impurities like salt, dirt, collected minerals, and even certain chemicals.

reverse osmosis membranes paly key role in wastewater reclamation

RO and Water Management

Reverse osmosis is a principle that allows municipal water suppliers to purify wastewater for reuse. Here is an excerpt from an article on

Membrane technology is playing an increasingly important role in the reclamation of municipal wastewater. Due to the growing demand for high quality water in urban areas, purification of wastewater is become one of the preferred means of augmenting water resources. In particular, high quality reclaimed wastewater can be used for industrial customers. […] RO membranes have been proven to successfully treat such waste water and provide water that exceeds reuse quality requirements. […]


Colloidal Particle Problem

For the most part, RO technology has had to fight the fact that certain colloidal substances are still able to pass through the membranes—primarily because of the very nature of colloids (dispersed particles that cannot be separated mechanically). Thankfully, innovations like ultrafiltration (UF) or microfiltration (MF) systems are often used to aid this process.


To prevent organic fouling and contamination with colloidal particles, chlorine is usually added to membranes, such as that from suppliers like AXEON Water Technologies, before pre-treatment. It is known that while any efficient RO membrane cannot tolerate free chlorine, they can withstand high concentrations of chloramines.

With reverse osmosis technology, industries and cities can breathe a little bit easier when it comes to wastewater management and water reuse projects.

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