Reverse Osmosis Technology Keeps Food and Drink Safe for Consumption

Water is not just for drinking; it is also an important ingredient in many a recipe. The most discerning chefs only use quality water in their dishes to not only bring out the best flavors, but to also ensure that diners do not contract any unwanted health disorders. A feature on the Smithsonian online magazine published last October 22, 2014 details how a beloved pizza chef prepares his pies. He stresses that water plays a significant role in the creation of a good pizza crust:

When it comes to producing a great crust, Gemignani stresses that you should not underestimate water. Cities like New York and Chicago have it made when it comes to quality water, but places like San Diego and Jacksonville, not so much. “If you don’t drink your tap water, why would you use it to make your dough?,” says Gemignani. “If it comes out of the faucet tasting bad and looking cloudy, why would you do that?” As Gemignani points out, water is pizza dough’s second largest ingredient behind flour, and it’s what affects how the dough handles, stretches, and holds together. Gemignani employs a reverse osmosis system at his restaurantsfor consistency’s sake (literally), though he says that for home pizza makers, bottled water is an easy substitute.

Want to Know How to Make Great Pizza- Consult the Guy Who Wrote the Bible on It

Homeowners who prepare meals in their own kitchens understand the value of having clean water at hand. After all, unclean tap water makes for a very unappealing and dangerous ingredient, and homeowners who value their health would steer clear of such substances. Reverse osmosis technology is a must for those homeowners who want the absolute best water for their sumptuous dishes.

Purifying reverse osmosis systems do not just remove microbes and other harmful materials, they also trap particles that can affect the taste of water. Substances such as rust, calcium carbonate, chlorine, and many others can adversely affect the flavor of water—and, in extension, the quality of a recipe. Residential water treatment systems can, in a way, improve the cooking of a household by ensuring that only the purest water is used. Homeowners can turn to companies like AXEON Water Technologies for reliable water treatment solutions for their kitchen.

(Source: Want to Know How to Make Great Pizza? Consult the Guy Who Wrote the Bible on It,, Oct. 22, 2014)