Effective Reverse Osmosis Filter Systems Remove Common Impurities

The importance of having safe and potable drinking water at home has often been raised, yet some homeowners still aren’t getting the message. Danger always lurks within the water you drink, which can contain millions of harmful substances that could affect your family’s health, making them more susceptible to sicknesses and diseases. Fortunately, these risks posed by common impurities and toxins can be lessened with an effective reverse osmosis filter system.


Heavy Metals

Most municipalities in America are still transporting water through lead or metal pipes, and these alone could already pose a threat to everyone in the family. Once these pipes are subjected to corrosion, these could go along with the water supply, eventually finding its way to your tap water.

Lead and aluminum are among the most common metals found on water supplies, and both have dangerous effects on your family’s health. Consumption of lead has been found to cause severe developmental delays and learning disorders among children, while aluminum and other heavy metals were found to cause damage to the nerves, brain, and kidneys. Hard metals like calcium and magnesium, meanwhile, were found to be linked with reproductive health problems and can even cause Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.


Your drinking water can also contain numerous harmful chemicals, the most common of which is chlorine. Often found on swimming pools as a disinfectant to effectively kill microorganisms, chlorine consumption could lead to toxic effects in the body. In fact, chlorine consumption has been linked with bladder, rectal, and breast cancer, and can even cause asthma, birth defects, and premature skin aging.

Meanwhile, arsenic has also been found to be present in a home’s water supply, and an estimated 56 million Americans have been drinking water that contains unsafe levels of arsenic. This element is considered extremely carcinogenic and poisonous if consumed at high levels.

Waste Materials and Suspended Impurities

Both human and animal waste material could find its way to your home’s water supply. In fact, most water impurities come from suspended human waste, especially those from unused food and materials. Suspended impurities, meanwhile, could be anything from sand and mud to clay and rock particulates, all of which could render the water hazy and impure. By itself, filtering the water of these impurities isn’t enough to make it safe for drinking.

To keep your family away from the aforementioned impurities that pose a threat to your family’s health, it’s important to have a quality reverse osmosis filter at home, such as one offered by companies like AXEON Water Technologies, which would aid in keeping your water supply clean and safe for consumption.



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