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Reverse Osmosis Filtration: The Benefits of RO Systems to One’s Health

Many people have heard that reverse osmosis systems are highly effective at filtering unhealthy and even harmful particulates from the water that your drink. All tap water will have some unhealthy matter in it, and this includes municipally-treated water as well as well water. With RO systems, the water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane more…

Reverse Osmosis: Your Household’s One-Stop Water Purification Process

The importance of clean drinking water supply cannot be overemphasized. It is, after all, the source of life, but amidst California’s festering drought, mandatory water usage reductions have begun taking their toll on a growing number of communities. Statistics indicate that this is the worst drought the state has had to endure in over a more…

Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis: Purifying the Next Best Water Source

The safety and stability of the world’s water supplies have become a pressing political and economic issue so much so that the threat to this essential resource could yet pose a present danger to the global economy. With unprecedented climate changes comes a torrent of environmental impacts like drought, over flooding, and fluctuating sea levels, more…

Using Reverse Osmosis Filter to Provide Homes with Clean Tap Water

With the seeming rapid depletion of potable water on Earth, nations are scrambling for viable water sources to resolve the growing severity of the problem. The U.S. state of California, for one, has turned to the largest body of water, the Pacific Ocean, for the key to end the state’s progressive struggle with drought.

Carbon Boosts the Flexibility of Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems

Carbon filtration is considered one of the relatively cheap and efficient ways of purifying water. Carbon filters themselves are highly touted for their performance, mainly due to their physical characteristics. A single pound of carbon possesses an approximate surface area of about 125 acres, allowing it to absorb a huge amount of pollutants in water. more…

How Using the Right RO Membrane Gives You the Beer Flavor You Desire

When sipping a pint of beer, you likely notice things like hop, malt flavors, the fruity or spicy tastes, or the acidity; and if you’re a home brewer, you’re probably taking mental notes about such details as yeast strains or the length of the secondary fermentation. What may have escaped your scrutiny is the quality more…

Regular Cleaning—A Must to Avoid Reverse Osmosis Membrane Fouling

As time passes, the effectiveness of a reverse osmosis membrane filter diminishes, affecting the quality of the water it produces. Membrane fouling is an inevitable event, especially when a reverse osmosis system is reaching the end of its lifespan, yet there are other factors that can foul the system’s membrane earlier than expected.

The Use of Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems in the Beverage Industry

When new water filtration techniques like reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration were first introduced, the beverage industry was quite unused to the idea of forcing out minerals from water through a specially-designed membrane. Within the next years, these filtration processes made their way into most production facilities, and are still being used until today.