Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis: Purifying the Next Best Water Source

The safety and stability of the world’s water supplies have become a pressing political and economic issue so much so that the threat to this essential resource could yet pose a present danger to the global economy. With unprecedented climate changes comes a torrent of environmental impacts like drought, over flooding, and fluctuating sea levels, which threaten the availability and hygienic properties of potable water. Add that to the ever swelling population, along with the demand, and you’ve got a global-scale problem brewing.

Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Purifying the Next Best Water Source

As surface water sources continue to dwindle due to the current drought conditions in California, brackish water may soon become the next best viable source. This extremely salty water source is known to occur in coastal areas and aquifers where there is a confluence of fresh water and saline water. It is in abundant supply around the United States and could prove to be a practical solution if its high saline content and total dissolved solids can be effectively filtered out.

One of the best methods for achieving this is through brackish water reverse osmosis (BRWO) technology, which feature integrated designs that filter and desalinate contaminated water in a way that other water treatment systems cannot. This system offers a way out that is both feasible and cost effective, if properly planned and managed.

Brackish groundwater availability in the state of California is influenced by the intrusion levels of seawater along with any overdrafts in groundwater. As it stands, there are tremendous opportunities for this water source to accommodate the needs of the ever growing populace, as this water is abundant. The issue now is how to use the BRWO system efficiently for commercial or industrial purposes across the country.

If you’re looking to find ways to help solve the water problems caused by the dreadful drought in California, you could try out the reverse osmosis water treatment systems as a means to sanitize readily available brackish water. Leading water purification experts, like AXEON Water Technologies, have been at the forefront of protecting water integrity by supplying RO systems, seawater desalination systems, and nanofiltration membrane systems, among many others.

People have been watching and hearing the news on extensive water shortage, and then flip the channel and see an ocean beach with the mighty waves smashing into the shore—and wonder why they can’t just use that. Well now, with advancing technology, the world can.



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