AXEON Water Technologies Releases New Reverse Osmosis Training Content

Temecula, California (October 8, 2014) – AXEON Water Technologies, a leading water treatment systems manufacturer, has recently released new online training content on reverse osmosis and the proper operation of the equipment it manufactures. The new content will help to further expand the company’s already extensive AXEON Learning Center, whose aim is to properly educate and inform existing and prospective customers alike about the advantages of the reverse osmosis process, and help them take full advantage of AXEON equipment.

As a designer and manufacturer of reverse osmosis systems, AXEON Water Technologies enjoys an in-depth view into developments in the water treatment industry. The insight it has gained through years of experience in the field has given it a unique understanding of reverse osmosis technology.

Additionally, from working with the thousands of customers and clients it has provided reverse osmosis products in the past, the company has been able to see firsthand the challenges they face when implementing and operating such systems.

Taking these factors into account, AXEON Water Technologies has prepared training content designed to share the accumulated knowledge the company has built over the years with its customers and clients.

AXEON Water Technologies’ new online training focuses on the basis for reverse osmosis, as well as the various products. Among the topics covered are the basics of reverse osmosis membranes—including how they work and function—and reverse osmosis systems operation, how to startup and shutdown a system, and pre- and post-treatment. These are all presented in a simple, easy-to-understand format to better allow easy comprehension, especially for those who are new to the industry and the process.

To find out more about AXEON Water Technologies’ new online training content, visit the company’s website,

About AXEON Water Technologies

AXEON Water Technologies was established in 1989 with the goal of producing high-quality reverse osmosis water treatment products for a wide variety of industries. The company has since grown into a worldwide provider of pre-treatment, membrane, post-treatment, disinfection, storage, distribution, components, and service solutions. AXEON Water Technologies’ headquarters is in Temecula, California, USA, where its research, engineering, manufacturing, and support facilities are also located.