An All-New Dental Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System from AXEON

In the dental industry, access to clean water is a must to ensure the safety of each patient. To address this need, our team at AXEON has recently launched a new product: the NEXEON XRO-Series Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems specifically designed for the unique demands of the dental industry.

In a typical dental facility, distilled or deionized water is often used in autoclaves, which are used to sterilize various dental tools. As sensitive pieces of equipment, autoclaves require the use of water with a low total dissolved solids (TDS) count to prevent breakdown due to deposit build-up. Recently, however, distilled or deionized water has seen increased use in other dental office functions, such as surgery and drill-cooling water sprays.

The greater demand for clean water in dentists’ offices across the country makes our new NEXEON XRO-Series Dental Purification Reverse Osmosis Systems a timely product for the continuously evolving dental industry. Able to produce up to 6.25 gallons of low TDS water per hour, each of our systems is the ideal water purification device for practically any dental setting.

While the NEXEON XRO-Series System was designed for the dental industry, it is also suitable for other aspects of healthcare that require distilled or deionized water. These applications include the veterinary field and other medical settings where autoclaves are standard equipment.

The NEXEON XRO-Series System is a robust and innovative water purification design that uses state-of-the-art technologies to convert ordinary tap water into high-quality water for healthcare applications. A standard deployment includes features such as a built-in water dispenser, microcomputer controller, touch panel with LED lights, TDS meter, two gallon storage tank, 150 gallon-per-day (GPD) reverse osmosis membrane with auto flush, and a leak detector with visual and audio alarms.

To further enhance the NEXEON XRO-Series System, various AXEON components are used to improve performance and durability. These include the AXEON 150 GPD sanitary-style membrane element and flow restrictor, the LanShan-manufactured twist-lock sediment filter, and granulated activated carbon block pre-filters. Also available is the option to include either a 10- or 14-gallon expansion storage tank with a built-in inline disinfection UV light.

Just as with our turnkey sea water reverse osmosis systems, buyers will receive each NEXEON XRO-Series System pre-assembled and pre-wired. This takes away most of the hassle with installation and servicing, allowing the system to be put into service quickly and painlessly.

To find out more about the NEXEON XRO-Series Dental Purification Reverse Osmosis System, look for it under the “AXEON Systems” heading, or take full advantage of our handy website search feature.