A Reverse Osmosis Filtration Machine to Aid in Community Water Needs

Every community regardless of size needs direct access to fresh water. Some places may see established water providers sell their products at ridiculously high prices while others simply want a place to access clean water for various purposes. In an article for Water and Wastewater International, Stefan Schuster said that the pursuit of clean water may be possible by reprocessing brackish groundwater through a reverse osmosis machine, also known by the shorthand RO.

waterThe drive to access more fresh water sources or filter any saline sources can tug hard at U.S. consumers. The threat of algal blooms to existing freshwater sources in the country prompted collaborations between four federal agencies to develop a monitoring program for algal blooms and advise residents against drinking in affected areas. If your community has resolved to pool resources in ensuring a steady flow of clean water, take up your options with a company like AXEON Water Technologies.


Brackish groundwater has salinity values that range from 1,000 parts per million (ppm) to 10,000 ppm. This is usually found in water tables close to coastal areas or freshwater spots with slight contamination from seawater. Such water sources are accessible to approximately 70% of all locations in the U.S.


The type of RO systems to be used for brackish groundwater can be decided on the level of feedwater passing through it. A design document by the Organization of American States noted that a pre-treatment tank handles feedwater by removing suspended solids and adjusting the alkaline level to the level required by the RO membranes. A high-pressure pump then force-feeds the water to the RO membranes, which will then separate all impurities from the water while killing germs. The substances separated will then be sent to a brine disposal tank.

Community Learning

Any machine’s effectiveness will also depend on the competence of people tasked to operate it – and the installation and function of industrial reverse osmosis systems is no different, even with technical support packages in place. RO system manufacturers such as AXEON fill this void by offering on-site training and online correspondence programs. The courses will cover the intricacies of the system and practical training sessions on operating the RO machines.

When you consider that access to clean water supplies is an inalienable right recognized by the United Nations, communities need all the education and support to make sure that the water in their area remains safe for human consumption. You and your community’s leaders can turn it into reality. Call an RO system provider now.



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