AXEON Water Technologies provides reverse osmosis water treatment systems and membranes, so you stay competitive and deliver high-quality water filtration solutions to your customers.

Water Technologies

AXEON Water Technologies prides itself in being on the forefront of the water treatment industry. When it comes to reverse osmosis membrane systems, membrane elements, membrane housings, membrane chemicals and other water treatment products, AXEON strives to integrate a variety of innovative technologies into its product offeringAXEON strives to keep customers informed and has dedicated engineering and technical resources to provide the most effective and economical water treatment solutions for their applications. This dedication to excellence has enabled AXEON to stay on top of all the latest developments within the industry and for all water technologies.

Recent developments and advancements in water technologies has allowed manufacturers such as AXEON to release new innovative products that are more economical and effective at what they are designed to treat. Today, reverse osmosis still stands apartCommercial Reverse Osmosis System from many of the other methods of purifying water in regards to process and cost. AXEON utilizes this water technology, which is also referred to as hyperfiltration for the removal of solids, dissolved minerals, organics and other particulates. Reverse Osmosis is still recognized as one of the most effective treatment of water for almost any application. AXEON HF5 Series membrane elements, which are the industry’s lowest operating pressure membranes, and the AXEON R2 Series Reverse Osmosis Systems and M2 Series Reverse Osmosis Systems, the industry's first low energy Brackish Water RO Systems that are designed for higher efficiency levels. AXEON custom engineered solutions are comprised of a multitude of water technologies ranging from ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, electrodeionization, filtration, ion exchange, ultraviolet, distillation, ozone and chemical treatment. These water technologies, when integrated and used correctly can treat almost any type of feed water and produce the required water needed for a particular application.

The process of reverse osmosis involves the movement of water from a liquid with a high concentration of dissolved solids through a semi-permeable membrane to the side with a low concentration and where the pure water is to be collected. Typical applications that utilize this water technology include food and beverage processing, ice production, humidification, boiler treatment, misting, vehicle wash, water jet cutting and many more.

Water technologies such as filtration, ion exchange and ultraviolet, all have their benefits when trying to engineer a comprehensive water treatment solution. Each technology also comes with its shortcomings, thus making it not as effective and comprehensive as reverse osmosis. Water technologies such as filtration, are a physical process that occurs when liquids, gases, dissolved or suspended matter adhere to the surface of, or in the pores of, an absorbent medium. Filtration of contaminants depends highly on the amount of contaminant, size of the contaminant particle, and the charge of the contaminant particle. Depending on the water needs, pretreatment before filtration may include the addition of coagulants and powdered activated carbon, adjustments in pH or chlorine concentration levels, and other pretreatment processes in order to protect the filter’s surface area. Ion Exchange is the process where ions interchange between a solid, which is the ion exchange resin, and a liquid. In many cases the ion resin bed must be recharged with salts or chemicals on-site or off-site. Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection is a water technology where UV is used at short wavelengths to remove microorganisms from water supplies. This technology is extremely effective, yet requires other water technologies to be intregrated in order to compose a complete water treatment solution in most applications.

AXEON itself has developed products and proprietary methods of manufacturing which enhances many of the water technologies on today's market. Some of these are 

  • Separation systems and equipment
  • Membrane and filtration technologies
  • Monitoring and controlling solutions
  • Analytical measurement and testing instruments
  • Specialty additives and chemicals
  • Mobile, static, modular and expandable water capabilities
  • Services and more

There are a variety of water technologies that can be used to treat applications for AXEON customers. AXEON wants customers to be informed and up-to-date on all of the water technologies that are available on today's market as well as new advancements which occur regularly. AXEON's expert engineers are knowledgeable about new developments in water treatment technologies and can assist you with creating a custom engineered solution for any number of applications.