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Water Chemistry Analysis

The review and interpretation of a submitted water analysis is critical in determining the feed water make-up for a particular water treatment system. AXEON provides off the shelf water testing kits that make it easy for customers to have their feed water analyzed.


Feed water samples are tested in an analytical laboratory for accurate results. AXEON Engineers can then interpret the report and utilize the information to design a customized solution to that particular feed water, ensuring optimal performance and system life.


Design / Engineering

The design and engineering services AXEON provides have been intricately developed and are backed with years of experience. AXEON takes the necessary steps to formulate a quick and accurate response to customer inquiries and manage awarded projects.


In order to effectively design and engineer systems and equipment, AXEON Engineers must follow a structured series of steps that consist of reviewing a feed water chemistry analysis, creating process and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID), reviewing costs and estimations for components, creating a budgetary proposal, creating a formal proposal, creating the final configuration and modeling it in 3D, overseeing the manufacturing, reviewing the quality assurance documents before the product is expedited


On-Site Startup / Troubleshooting

AXEON is known for providing excellent troubleshooting and technical support. With the customer always in mind, AXEON does whatever it takes to get our customers up and running and to ensure total customer satisfaction.


AXEON also provides on-site startup and training for particular projects or when this service is purchased as a standalone service. Always be reminded that when you work with AXEON and our products you are supported 100% of the time.


Membrane Element Analysis

As a premier manufacturer of reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membrane elements, AXEON provides membrane element analysis services. This service allows AXEON to determine the cause of premature fouling or under performance of your membranes.


This service can also include AXEON making suggestions on how to operate a system, configuring your pre-treatment as well as formulating a membrane chemical feed solution to prevent ongoing issues with your membranes.


Product Customization and Private Labeling

AXEON’s specialty in custom product manufacturing and private labeling assures that customers’ unique business and operational requirements are fulfilled effectively and efficiently.


Custom system requirements receive thorough review from our AXEON Design and Manufacturing Teams. AXEON has the ability to position and support its customers to appear as they are their own manufacturer.