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Reverse Osmosis Systems

AXEON Water Technologies manufactures Reverse Osmosis Systems (RO Systems) for treating municipal (city) tap water, brackish (well or surface) water and sea water ranging up to 45,000 total dissolved solids (TDS).

AXEON Residential Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems (R.O. Systems) range in production capacity from 25 gallons per day to 150 gallons per day and can be upgraded with many options and accessories to meet the most demanding residential and light commercial applications. Generally, residential systems filter tap water, also known as municipal or city water. Tap water contains high levels of chloramines, bacteria and other contaminants that are harmful for drinking purposes. A reverse osmosis system with a carbon and sediment filters will effectively treat the water.

AXEON Commercial R.O. Systems (RO Units) range in production capacity from 200 gallons per day to 40,000 gallons per day and are economically engineered for high efficiency and lower energy consumption. AXEON’s Commercial R1-Series Reverse Osmosis Systems are turnkey, cost effective, designed for municipal and well water supplies, and are also a reliable water purification system.

AXEON Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems (Industrial RO Systems) range in production capacity from 30,000 gallons per day to 1,000,000 gallons per day and are designed and engineered to meet the most demanding water conditions. The AXEON X2-Series reverse osmosis systems are offered with a variety of options including pre- and post-treatment, distribution pumps, and integrated controls to suit any water type. These systems also come in a containerized or compact design to fit any application.
A reverse osmosis water filter system consists of components such as membrane elements, membrane housings, filter cartridges, filter housings, pumps, and a control panel. AXEON offers a wide range of membranes to fit any water source and application. The membrane housing does just what its name says; it houses the membrane. The reverse osmosis filter cartridges use various types of filtration media to rid the feed water of unwanted and harsh chemicals such as sediments, color, soluble organic compounds (SOC), volatile organic compounds (VOC), chlorine, odor, unwanted tastes, and total dissolved solids (TDS) including calcium and magnesium carbonate. AXEON offers filters in all standard sizes, and an assortment of micron ratings to suit any water treatment need. Another important part of a reverse osmosis machine is the pump, which regulates the pressure of the water so that it flows through the system at the optimal rate needed. The control panel consists of controls and sensors that allow the user to maintain and operate the settings and stages of the reverse osmosis system.