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Ozone generators for the use of water treatment are not a common method of reverse osmosis treatment, but are utilized in various applications. The ozone that is created in the generator is through the use of an electric current or run under a UV light, where compressed air enters in and some of the oxygen is then converted in to ozone. One of the oxygen molecules created is too weak to hold on with the others, so it latches on to other organic substances such as viruses and bacteria.

Swimming pool water quality management is one of the most popular applications of ozone generators. Many pool professionals prefer the use of an ozone generator over other chemicals, such as chlorine, which can have a detrimental effect on a swimmers’ health. Ozone generators work in pools when the pool or spa pump is on, drawing in the oxygen needed to create ozone. The pump creates tiny bubbles of ozonated air, which work in the filter to eliminate organic matter, by bonding with it and oxidizing it.

OzoneThe use of ozone generators for swimming pools reduces algae growth, and other bacteria are significantly reduced. While an ozone generator is able to prevent growth and maintain levels of bacteria and other impurities in the pool, additional forms of water treatment are required to maintain the pool water integrity as the effects of ozone generators are not permanent.
Aquariums and outdoor fish ponds are other applications of ozone generators for the purpose of maintaining water quality. An ozone generator enhances the flocculation ability of the water, meaning that flakes and other particulates form together to create flocs, which make it easier for them to be filtered out. An ozone generator is also ideal for reducing the amount of pathogens in an aquarium or pond, which is especially ideal for outdoor ponds which are also open to outdoor pathogens.

Food processing also takes advantage of ozone generators to prevent the growth of unwanted pathogens on food and equipment that is used in the food and beverage industry. In the beverage industry for example, ozone is used for bottled water to ensure that the water used is free from pathogens while still maintaining safe drinking water for customers, without having to add chemicals.

The use of ozone generators in water treatment may not be as popular as other technologies, but ozone generators are still effective in treating and removing bacteria and other pathogens from water sources that need continuous treatment. A variety of industries use ozone in addition to other technologies to effectively treat water sources on a continuous basis.

Swimming pools can benefit from the addition of ozone generators because they can significantly reduce the amount of chlorine that is needed to treat algae and other bacterial growth. Aquariums and ponds can also benefit from ozone generators because they encourage the process of flocculation. Food and beverage industry professionals also utilize ozone generators to prevent microbiological growth on food and beverages during the processing phase.

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