Seawater Desalination

As the world’s water resources become more scarce, and as the population continues to grow, we continue to look at more and different ways to use our resources to provide for all those people. One vast, largely unharvested reservoir of water that is being considered is the oceans. In order to use the water in the oceans the salt must be removed. With salt concentrations exceeding the levels that humans or livestock can tolerate, the water of the oceans must be purified before it can be used in either a drinking water capacity, or as a source of water for crops and animals. In the past, distillation was the only way to remove the salt from the water, but membranes are becoming the lower cost alternative. Membranes can now remove the salt from water with a fraction of the energy consumption of distillation.

One of the most popular applications of desalination that utilizes reverse osmosis technology is on yachts and cruise ships. While boaters may be away from land for days or weeks at a time, having a watermaker on board gives boaters access to sustainable water. For long distance trips, it is more effective for boaters to have a watermaker on board instead of having a large water tank. A watermaker allows boaters access to clean potable water that can be used for bathing, dishwashing and clean drinking water derived from sea water sources.

How these work is through the process of reverse osmosis, where sea water is filtered through a semi-permeable membrane. The water passes through the membrane, while the salt does not. This allows for water that is suitable for drinking, bathing and a variety of other uses while away from water sources on land. Maintaining these watermakers are crucial since reverse osmosis membranes can become corroded over time with large amounts of debris and other contaminants. These space-saving devices allow more room for storage and are more dependable water sources when boaters are far away from viable drinking water.

AXEON has been working with membrane chemistry to produce the most energy efficient elements using our industry leading film technology. As the quality of membranes continues to improve, the amount of energy required to produce a gallon of water will continue to decrease. This will mean lower operating costs, and eventually, a lower cost to the consumer. AXEON has built equipment that is providing pure drinking water to major hotels and businesses.

AXEON will continue to push improvements in membrane technology, and you get to reap the benefits with more and better water.