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Entertainment and Leisure

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Reverse osmosis water treatment technology is used in a variety of applications relating to the entertainment and leisure industry. Many of these applications depend on water treatment technologies to efficiently remove impurities from millions of gallons of water per day in an effort to keep entertainment and leisure consumers healthy and comfortably entertained year-round.

entertainment and leisureOne of the major entertainment and leisure applications for reverse osmosis water treatment technology is in hotels and spas. Pools are one of the most popular destinations for tourists during the warm months, so ensuring that pool and spa water is clean and free from contaminants is crucial. Nitrates, phosphates and other dissolved organics provide a breeding area fit for bacteria and algae to grow. Reverse osmosis technology removes the micro-organisms and the contaminants in which these organisms thrive. Reverse osmosis water technology is a safer alternative to chlorine and other harsh chemicals that can have a negative effect on swimmers’ health. As millions of tourists visit hotel pools and spas each year, avoiding anything that is potentially hazardous to guests’ health is an important goal.

Attractions such as amusement parks or aquariums are also popular entertainment and leisure industry destinations that use reverse osmosis water treatment technology on a daily basis. Misting and fogging systems are popular staples at amusements parks, and are often features of themed attractions. Such systems usually operate with city water, and water hardness is a common problem with city water and can result in increased costs. Calcium buildup can cause blockage within the system, and eventually cause malfunctions. Reverse osmosis water treatment provides an ideal solution for entertainment and leisure industries’ misting systems, removing the impurities that cause water hardness and malfunctions, thereby extending the life of misting equipment.

Reverse osmosis water treatment technology can also be used to prevent spotting and cloudy water in entertainment and leisure settings in which appearance is important. For example, cleaning 3D attraction glasses and aquariums, where quality of water is both an aesthetic issue and a necessity for the health of the fish. Depending on the source water, many aquariums can contain high levels of chloramines, silicates and other algae-causing nutrients. Reverse osmosis water treatment technology allows operators to maintain water quality at all times.

Cruise ships also depend on water treatment technology to produce fresh water from sea water. Water-makers are popular reverse osmosis systems for sea water desalination. Reverse osmosis allows cruise ships to cross large bodies of water, while assuring a reliable supply of fresh water.

Reverse osmosis water treatment technology is important to many of the applications and markets that fall within the entertainment and leisure industry. As the demand for water increases, entertainment industry professionals are looking for cost-effective methods of providing clean, pure water in large amounts. Reverse osmosis water treatment technology ensures that entertainment and leisure businesses always have clean, safe water available, without creating large amounts of waste.


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